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BibTeX::FileExporterBibTeX Class Reference

#include <fileexporterbibtex.h>

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Detailed Description

Thomas Fischer

Definition at line 37 of file fileexporterbibtex.h.

Public Slots

void cancel ()


void progress (int current, int total)

Public Member Functions

bool save (QIODevice *iodevice, Element *element, QStringList *errorLog=NULL)
bool save (QIODevice *iodevice, File *bibtexfile, QStringList *errorLog=NULL)
void setEncoding (File::Encoding encoding)
void setStringDelimiter (const QChar &stringOpenDelimiter, const QChar &stringCloseDelimiter)

Private Member Functions

void escapeLaTeXChars (QString &text)
QString valueToString (const Value *value, const EntryField::FieldType fieldType=EntryField::ftUnknown)
bool writeComment (QTextStream &stream, Comment *comment)
bool writeEntry (QTextStream &stream, Entry *entry)
bool writeMacro (QTextStream &stream, Macro *macro)
bool writePreamble (QTextStream &stream, const QString &preamble)

Private Attributes

bool cancelFlag
File::Encoding m_encoding
QChar m_stringCloseDelimiter
QChar m_stringOpenDelimiter

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