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BibTeX::FileExporterExternal Class Reference

#include <fileexporterexternal.h>

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Detailed Description

Thomas Fischer

Definition at line 36 of file fileexporterexternal.h.

Public Types

enum  Exporter {
  exporterNone = 0, exporterXSLT = 1, exporterBib2XHTML = 2, exporterBibTeX2HTML = 3,
  exporterBibConv = 4

Public Slots

virtual void cancel ()


void progress (int current, int total)

Public Member Functions

 FileExporterExternal (Exporter exporter, File::FileFormat fileformat)
bool save (QIODevice *iodevice, Element *element, QStringList *errorLog=NULL)
bool save (QIODevice *iodevice, File *bibtexfile, QStringList *errorLog=NULL)

Private Slots

void slotProcessExited ()
void slotReadProcessOutput ()
void slotWroteToStdin ()

Private Member Functions

bool generateOutput (QBuffer &input, QIODevice *output)

Private Attributes

Exporter m_exporter
File::FileFormat m_fileformat
QProcess * process
QWaitCondition * wc
QTextStream * writeTo

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