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KBibTeX::SearchBar Class Reference

#include <searchbar.h>

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Detailed Description

Thomas Fischer

Definition at line 41 of file searchbar.h.

Public Slots

void setSearch (const QString &text, BibTeX::EntryField::FieldType fieldType)


void doSearch (const QString &text, BibTeX::EntryField::FieldType fieldType)

Public Member Functions

void restoreState ()
 SearchBar (QWidget *parent=0, const char *name="search_bar")
void setFactory (KXMLGUIFactory *factory, KXMLGUIClient *client)

Private Slots

void slotAnnounceDoSearch ()
void slotClear ()
void slotTimeout ()

Private Member Functions

void setupGUI ()

Private Attributes

KHistoryCombo * m_comboboxFilter
QComboBox * m_comboboxRestrictTo
QPushButton * m_pushButtonAddElement
QPushButton * m_pushButtonClearSearchText
QTimer * m_timerInput

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